For as long as I can recall I had always been afraid of aspiring for more than I had the ability to attain. This summer I met my future wife, I Just didn’t know it yet. Although that Is another story that was written on its own, but once we were in love and both accepted each other, we came to find that others did not agree with our decision. We thought our bond could overcome anything Including their reproach, but, sooner than later, it began to come between us. Soon my life became a struggle to keep our love a secret from society.

We didn’t want different treatment, because we were both till the same people we met and the same girls everyone else knew. I was afraid of losing her to the world. I began to consider my options. Let my love go and let society separate us or follow my Intuition and Just live my life the best way I knew how, I chose to live and love even though It was hard from the start. I began to love my girlfriend fearlessly. I began to fight for us and overcame my fear of the unknown and the contempt others may harbor towards us. Even though we had challenges to overcome and people to confront we both held fast to the opportunities that lay ahead.

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The glares and sly whispers from others only provided a reason to prove them wrong thus I grew more determined to be happy no matter what the circumstance. She gave me the confidence to not only pursue my goals but actually fulfill my potential academically and set ideals for my life. She allowed me to be whoever I wanted to be, without letting go of how I got there. She was the kind that let me embrace those internal contradictions that made up an entire oxymoron, complex and complete human being.