This Is the time for us to be challenged In order for them to stay awake and focus their attention to us. As we begin the program, you can see in their face that they are excited and really prepared to witness the said program. The program starts with the opening remarks of the head of the social services of Sails De Mol.

She’s the one who explained to us about the reason why the elders are there at Sails De Mol and she also explained he history of Sails De Mol and what is the reason behind why the Sails De Mol is being built and made. The distribution of food during snack time made the elders happy and excited. While the elders are eating, some of them had an intermission number. Some of them sang and dance. Through their Intermission and interaction with us during the program makes me realized that they really defer with each other.

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Their attitude makes me think of what’s the best thing to do In order for them to deal tit and to handle them. While assisting and watching them I can feel happiness In my heart as I witness the happiness In their eyes even with this simple thing that we’ve brought for them. After the program, we roam around to visit the different places and buildings inside the Sails De Mol. We visit the place where they used to sell their products. We are excited to buy some of the products because we all know that it gives a little help when we buy something from them.

We also visits the place where the founder and those who managed the Sails De Mol are arranged and display in a bulletin board. We are all excited to see and know who are the founder and of the Sails De mol. We end up the program and the visiting event in Sails De Mol with happiness In our heart and the fulfillment that we make the elders happy even In our simple way to care with them and make them happy.