I see and hear many things happening around me. I am close to many other people and the doorways to various stores. As the people walk by me there Is a small gust of wind from behind them that feels like when a car drives by you on the road. This place Is so very calm. A few people sit down next to me, and they all chat quietly while drinking Struck. Everyone that is walking through the lounge and talking with their friends seems to be having a good time Just hanging out.

Most people are smiling. I hear people whispering and laughing. One student walks quickly with an unhappy look on his face. Some people are sitting here listening to their pod and studying. The quiet buzz from their pods is calming. With everything going on in this one single room it still seems very quiet and peaceful to This room Is so noisy I can’t even stand to be In here. Someone spilled their drink all over the floor. It made a huge mess. It looks Like It has Just rained Inside the building since there Is a huge puddle now.

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Some of the drink landed on the wall and Is now running down the wall Just Like a drop of rain. It has gotten really noisy with any people walking through to go to dinner. They are stomping down the stairs as a herd of elephants would walk through the plains. Someone gets bumped when they are walking down the stairs and yells. People are talking loudly to their friends and laughing. As the crowd of people move downstairs not many people are left. Most people are starting to leave.

There are very few people in here now and most are headed to their room to go to study, relax, or sleep. The quiet is so different from all of the noise earlier. Analysis I decided to use Sheen Lounge as my observation spot because It seemed Like a alma and place to sit where I could observe the surroundings. There are many businesses, people, and places to sit inside Morris so it felt as a very dominant place to make observations. With people going through here to go to lunch or dinner or just to go to classes it was an extremely busy setting.

I used a several different strategies in my essays. I used figurative language in my essay quite frequently. When I talked about someone spilling their drink all over the floor and it running down the wall, I said that it looked like it had rained all over the room. I also used a simile in my essay. When I talked about how it got really noisy inside this certain room I said it sounded like a herd of elephants walking through the plains. In my positive view I used the couches as my focus point. This Is where I sat and observed everything that happened.

As I said In my positive view everyone walking through with their friends having a good time was also another focus point for me. Another example is the unhappy student. This is an example of word choice. Noise it almost seemed impossible to focus on what I was doing at the time. Now that I look back on it I don’t know how people do homework in the lounge during the day. I used a good example or word choice in my negative view. I said that it has gotten really noisy and it sounds like elephants running through the plains.

This gives me a very vivid visual picture in my mind. Now that my views are stated I want to end by saying that the Sheen Lounge is not the best place to observe or the best place to do anything except be loud and playful. Using sentence structure, word choice and simile shows exactly what you want the audience to see. By changing around a word it could be taken as positive or negative. In conclusion you always have to capture a mental picture for your audience, otherwise they won’t know what you are talking about.