“To His Coy Mistress” is a very, in my opinion, different poem. The main story of the poem Is about this man who tries to pick up this very beautiful women. I assume that it took place In a bar or club setting. The poem did not give a setting. Just by the way he Is talking to her, Its relevant that It’s not In a library or coffee shop. I love the fact that we see the poem through the eyes of this man. And by doing that It gives us a really good glimpse of what he is thinking willing to do. I think this helps bring the reader to the poem and understand it more.

By the end of the poem, you come to mind out that this man is becoming quite desperate. In the first part of the poem, we see this man urging to make his first move. He begins to tell her how they could pass their days Just by loving each other and how he wants so badly to spend eternity with her. For example: “My vegetable love grows should grow Vaster than empires, and more slow. ” In these two lines, he Is trying to explain how much his love grows for her every time after. Later on, he Is still talking about his everlasting love. He soon begins to delve HIS love between her body parts.

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He then promises her one hundred years to her yes and then two hundred years to her breasts and thirty years to the rest. Here you begin to see how his mind changes for normal to sex mode and he acts as if time is running out. I think right now he knows that the woman has no interest in him and his patience is running out. So he gets even more desperate then before. In the second stanza we soon see the man’s personality shift dramatically. He goes from being a gentleman that could spend the rest of your life with and eternity to a person whose time Is coming to an end really quickly.

It was almost as if he was insulting her when he commented on her virginity: My echoing song: then worms shall try That long-preserved flagrantly,” To me, it seems that he saying that he shouldn’t touch her because her virginity is so scared. But then again, if you have worms chewing on something it ruins it and degrades the item that being chewed on. It also could be saying that his lust will follow her to the grave and forever haunt her. And now it seems that he isn’t putting much thought into what he is saying. I think it would’ve been interesting if Marvel wrote a continuation of this poem, but from the woman’s point of view.

I can Just imagine wows trying to relate, connect, allow, and even talk with him as he’s carrying on about her breast and wanting her and needing her. In the end, he loses all hope. At this point, there Is no turning back. He becomes so desperate that he wants to: “Let us roll all our strength and all And tear our pleasures with rough strife Through the iron gates of life. ” I picture him down on the floor begging for her to bring him home. I think in this stanza he finally comes out and says: “I love you. ” I think this poem is a “classic” example on a desperate man would pick up a woman. The way he presents himself in the beginning.

In the beginning he seemed like the nice gentleman that would buy you a drink. Soon he really starts to see how attractive this woman really is and how he can’t leave without her within this very second. I do believe he insulted her in order for her to become willing to sex with him. Then he becomes more crazed and can’t control his self. He acts as if time was near the end and he had to do this right now, right there! But he soon realizes if he takes his time he’ll woo her and she’ll want him and then the sun will he chasing after them. “Thus though we cannot make our sun Stand still, yet we will make him run. ”