Woke up feeling blue. I was home alone in Switzerland. My father was away for work. On a special day like a birthday you want to be with your friends and family, the closest ones who you want to share your Joy with. That day always was special to me, because we always went somewhere. I was crying whenever someone called me to congratulate, all I wanted was for them to be with me and give me a hug. I was preparing myself for a day full of boredom when I received a text message form my father. He said “Happy birthday my dearest. Go into my room now’.

I went Inside, and on top of some new cloths for me there was a note saying “Get dressed, and come out”. I was so excited, It took me 5 minutes to tie my shoes. My father was waltzing for me In the car outside. He was just smelling, and didn’t want to tell me where were going, only that It will take about two hours to get there. After a not so long and pleasant trip we arrived In front of a huge amusement park. Everything was shiny and glowing and there were a lot of people with their The park’s mascot called Romulus was welcoming at the entrance dealing candy. We bought all-inclusive tickets and stepped in.

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Everything was shiny and glowing and there were a lot of people with their children. The park was divided into sixteen areas named after European countries. But the thing dominating park were reallocates spread all around the park, and high above it. I was excited and scared but decided to go on a ride on the least scary one, Just to break the ice. It was the most fun that I had in my life. My heart pumped so hard, I couldn’t stop smiling. Then I went directly to the main reallocates, the longest, and the scariest one. It has a highest point of 73 meters. The approach is slow, so you can see the whole panorama f the park.

People look so small from above. At the tip the trains stops for a couple of seconds, in order to prepare us for a 70 meters drop reaching speed of 130 km/h in matter of seconds. I was overwhelmed. Nothing can top that feeling, that had me smiling whole day long. I was so happy, I wasn’t expecting for such a surprise from my dad. Appreciating life is about being grateful for the people in our lives that make It better, and the things that we have, even if they may not be everything that we desire. So I learned to appreciate all the little things, no matter how insignificant they may seem.