An incident that made you It was supposedly the best summer of my life. My parents finally agreed that I can drive to work although I did not have a driver’s permit. I was so excited because I had never driven a car without someone by my side. So I got In what was supposedly going to be my car and vanished In seconds before they thought about changing their minds. The few weeks after that day were smooth as I had begun to take good control of the car, and everything was running smoothly except for a small filter that I as going to change which made the car turn off on Its own.

With my mother always telling me to drive safe before leaving the house, I often did… Until that night. I was at work on a Tuesday night and I had driven there as usual. Work was boring Just Like any other night that I was obligated to take orders and laugh to our customer’s boring jokes… But this was ordinary to any waiter. But when I finished my shift at nearly 12:00 am in the middle of the night, the excitement raged in flames inside of Mel I wanted to drive so badly! So our boss paid us the night and I was off with my friend by my side in my car. what do you want to do now? ” Abacas asked. ;let’s take a ride to the nearest minimal and get some beers” I responded. And there we went with me burning my wheels and driving like a mad mall We got there and got us some beers and we went downhill to where we were going to chill. Something got over me and I wanted to raise my adrenaline to no limits! It was a long way down and I could not bear driving as slow as a turtle so as you expect I put the pedal to the metal. Everything was going great till that corner which I will never forget till the day I die.

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Going approximately 80-km/s, while driving through the corner with loud music inside the car, I lifted my foot off the fuel paddle. But what I had not realized, was that the twitch in the filter, the one I had intended to fix, led the car to a total meltdown and I had no response what so ever from it. No brakes, no handlebar, and going km/s, I was in a deep state of panic. The only thing I remember was that pulled out the handbrake out of reflex, the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. Then I heard the sound of wheels rubbing against the road and a crash sound that I will never get out of my head.

The crash was really intense and I believe that I passed out for a few seconds after hitting the wall on the other side of the road. Waking up, at the spur of the moment I looked to right only to find that my friend was no longer slating next to me! That’s when I started shouting and calling out for his name until I saw him lying on the ground. I tried to open my door but It was blocked so I kicked It open and rushed to him Immediately. Damn the metal I was worried about my friend ore than I was worried for my own sake!

Waking him up after flying from his window, that was conveniently open, I realized that he had not a single scratch whatsoever on his body! It was Like he was only sleeping on the ground. Then he looked at me and he too saw that I was not Injured In any way during the accident except that my shoulder was hurting me a little bit. It was a miracle considering what had happened to the Carl The front was a quarter destroyed and oil was everywhere and came to the scene were they found me lying on the car and where I found my ether cursing me but at the same time relieved that nothing bad had happened to us.

They took me home where I sat with my mother for ours talking about what had happened. The most disturbing thing was that my parents entrusted me with the car and my mother had told me to drive safe before leaving for work. I wonder how many years it will take for me to regain my parent’s trust… The bottom line of the story is that no matter how good you are at something, like driving for instance, fate is something you can’t change! And in my case, it was trying to teach me a lesson.