I rarely feel something so strongly to be true that it consumes my identity. Because of this I have developed a false self confidence of sorts. A voice in my head that tells me I am Justified and correct when I finally do reach some level of conviction. I think the logic at work here is that if I am not easily convicted then I must only be convicted by something extraordinarily convincing.

I ay false confidence, but the truth is I trust this intuition and allow it to guide my actions regarding the “big” questions. Since most of my strongly held beliefs have taken a long time to form I am not ashamed to hold them once they reach maturity. I think this is a good thing. Another part of the way my mind works is that my convictions are subject to change. I think this is also a good thing. It feels to me that the Truth is never going to reveal itself to me as a whole so to get closer to the Truth my views should constantly be changing and adapting as more and more of the unreachable is revealed to me.

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Truth, I would say at this point In my life, Is not entirely obtainable. However, I would also qualify this statement and say that It Is every bit worth searching for. Which brings me to my main point. I do not write this to make an argument for why Truth Is worth the search, that would be another topic I’d love to tackle and might at some point. No, I write this to explain primarily to myself where I am right now as far as my convictions and where those convictions are going to and coming from.