In the novel IM not scared we realize that there are many complications within the life of Michele nominator he and his family are suffering in such a poor village of aqua traverse… Michele has many friends and enjoys planning games an d forfeits with them he finds a boy in the hole named Filipino There is a talk with Michele and Maria at the start. Michele finds Fillips, there is a lot of description of Michele finding him. Michele at this point is horrified, he tries to talk to him but gets even more scared.

Michele has a second talk with Maria, Michele says he is going to run away from home, but in the end of the conversation he went home. At the end of this chapter you get a very good description of Mama. Michele wakes up to find Papa (not angry at all) and Barber’s Father sitting in the kitchen they are discussing business. He got dressed and went outside and Skull and the others were playing a game of soccer, Michele eventually went off for a ride, he wanted to go and see Fillips. He went to give him food and water.

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There is talk of a character named Sergei at the table and they also talk of the boy in the hole (Fillips). Michele got up early, packed his bag with food and water, going to see Fillips. He finds Fences Nettle’s Car, The brown colored 127. Feline was Skull’s older brother, he was crazy. Michele goes to see Fillips. All of the adults are talking In a room, they are watching the news reports have It that a boy has been kidnapped, the mother appears on TV saying she wants her boy back.