Alex Robbins is a social worker. His goal Is to break up the gang “the moors”, but until chapter 17 he has no success. Alex Robbins Is one of the main characters In the book, because he affects the gang “the moors”. In chapter 17 he Is at Rufus’ home, because “The Gassers” cut the pigtail of Rufus’ sister. When Rufus comes home Alex

Robbins Is talking to his mother, that he wants to talk with “the Gassers” about what happened. But when Rufus asks about what happened, Alex tries to tell him a lie. But Rufus Is smart and knows that he Is telling a lie. After Rufus knows what happened, he Is very angry and Alex salsa that he wants to solve this Issue, but Rufus salsa that he has no Idea of gangs. I think the Idea of Alex Is very absurd. In this case there Is no way out.

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He can’t speak with the police, because it will make more problems. Alex also made a very inexperienced impression, when he talked the first time to “the moors”. Everybody laughed about him and he couldn’t accomplish himself. He seemed to be much untaught. He is a little bit the opposite of Rufus, who is very smart. Finally, I think Alex really wants to reach his goal to break up “the moors”, but he has to learn a lot, how to handle these guys.