I would say that one stress I have (or I should say had) was being with my ex- boyfriend, he did not approve of me going back to school. It was a very stressful relationship in the fact that he was a very controlling person. He would tell me that I was stupid, or that I was going to fail or drop out. He would also make it impossible for me to use his computer to do my school work. I often feared that he would tear my books up.

He would get physical and I would yell at him or cry. I however, had already decided that I wanted to go to school fulfillment. It was very hard for me to leave someone I love, but I do realize that being around my emotionally supportive family is what is best for me. They are very encouraging and proud of me and I think that is a stress relief all on its own. Another stress that I have had in my life is not having a home to call my own, it can be very stressful to not have a place to go and tidy and do normal daily living.

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I have had to get my bath in the park and sleep in my car, when I had one. I would get nauseated from being so stressed out about where we were going to stay each night. I would say that my stress was relieved a lot when I moved in with my brother. I now have a place to study and do my school work and perform normal daily duties. The only stress I have experienced there has been how to get back and forth from college because It Is so far from town, but I know that wings will work out for the best , they have already started to.

I think finances and not having a Job has a big part In the stress that I feel right now, I get a headache sometimes Just thinking about It. One way I De-stress Is by filling out applications for employment and looking on scraggliest for cleaning Jobs. I know my stress will diminish a lot once my student aid gets here and I can finish purchasing the Items that I need for school and be a little more financially stable on my own.