This essay will explore whether actions speak louder than words. I will discuss how our bodies communicate and how leakage can give away how we are really feeling and how It disagrees with what we are saying. The first example of this I will discuss is Posture. Posture can speak a lot louder than our words. For example, If you are trying to pretend to be happy and trying to show you are enthusiastic about something but you are slouching and curled up It contradicts hat you are saying.

Therefore In this scenario your actions are speaking louder than your words and people may be able to tell how you are really feeling. My next example will be Facial expressions. Facial expressions can play a major role In leakage and showing to people how you feel. You may be really sad and depressed about something and this may show on your face but you are trying to hide it and show everyone you are happy. This is called leakage as you cannot change your facial expressions to be or look happy.

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Although what you’re saying is a big part of communication the tone you use and the way you say it can affect it. You cannot always change your tone to how your feeling, tone is a part of leakage and you may want to show others you are happy but your tone in which you talk can be dull and slow which would give the impression you are sad or depressed. This is not always easy to hide; therefore again showing us that actions speak louder than our words.

Gestures are my next example of actions speaking louder than words. The gestures we use in our everyday life can show leakage and parts of us we may not of even realized. For example if you fancy someone, instincts is to get closer to them and get some form of body contact from touching their arm when laughing etc. In conclusion the arguments I have made prove that our actions speak louder than words and that our bodies communicate more powerfully and clearly than our words ever could.