Accomplishment I could not stop the tears rushing from my eyes, splashing against the cold ground so heavily. I could feel the brisk wind, harsh against my damp face as I struggled to look for a shelter. I used to feel pity for those who were homeless, but after I experienced being desolate myself, I came to the realization that they are very strong people. They are strong because they have the will-power to stay alive, and try to do better for them. There had been tension In my household, and I was always uncomfortable.

I tried my hardest to stay out of the house by hanging out with my friends. Their parents enjoyed my company and had let me stay the night a plethora of times. It was a relief for me because I did not have to stress over the unbearable Judgment of my family. I was gone for a week, going from house to house partying, drinking, and being reckless. I had recently turned 18, and I felt no one could authorize me. I thought of myself as an adult, and I soon came to realize I would be treated like an adult. Evacuated. Deserted? Displaced!

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I returned home to find my roomed clean spotless; room the mahogany dresser I had In the corner near my dusty TV, to the old brown paint chipped door. I was speechless. I could not fathom what was happening. The only thoughts running through my head were, “Did we get robbed? ” or, “Did my family move out or something? ” I could hardly breathe, and while gasping for air, I heard the front door open. I ran towards the brightly lit living room, where I saw my grandmother standing in the middle of the plush carpet. She was on the phone talking to my mom, saying “… Yeah, It’s Just something we have to do. I started entering what she was going to do, until she shouted, “He Alan goanna like It, but he’s goat grow up! ” I just stood there appalled. I responded at that point, and the news that I got changed my life forever. On August 1, 2013, I was kicked out of my grandmother’s house. I walked the streets with a torn suit case full of clothes, two old backpacks full of underclothes, and three grocery bags full of shoes. My shoulders started aching like they never have before; It felt as If my scapula was going to snap. The soles of my feet began to form blisters, as I walked for miles looking for a place to est. my head.

I had become a vagabond, meandering through the City of Lynchburg. That is when I realized I had to change my life around. I realized that my being at the bottom of the pyramid was a way of pushing me to make my way to the zenith, to survive. I did everything that I could to make sure that I would be well off. I went to the public library, used their computer, and proceeded to apply for Job in my area. I was starving; had not eaten In days. The pain In my stomach felt terrible, and I my friend’s mother. She asked me was I okay, and I told her everything that happened the past couple of days.

She understood, and took me home with her. Ms. Cynthia Reid took me under her wing, and allowed me to stay in her home until I get on my feet. I was truly gracious for her kindness, and I have so much more respect towards her. I was going into deep depression, ready to give up, ready to die, but because of the grace of God, by his guidance and strength I was able to make it. I consummated that I never really knew how sustainable I was until I had nothing. A person never really knows how powerful they are until they are pushed to their limits. I have been pushed to limits, and it has made me a stronger person.