I pretended not to know who the girl sitting beside me was, in an attempt to block out her irritating voice. She tapped furiously into her laptop, and when she thought I wasn’t watching her eyes darted onto my screen, trying to catch a glimpse of what I was doing. Stop invading my privacy, I wanted to say to her, but I kept my mouth shut, because she was supposed to be my friend. As if sitting next to her during class wasn’t enough, she also took it upon herself to sit with me during my lunch breaks.

It mimed like she Just wouldn’t leave me alone; it was like she was my secret stalker. If this was Mean Girls, I would be Regina George and she would be freaking Janis Ian. My fingers paused over the key board, unsure of what the answer was. I leaned over to Jessica side, hoping to get an idea of what the idea was, but Just as my eyes began to focus on her answers, she tilted the laptop to the side, effectively blocking out my view.

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So what, it was okay for her to sneak looks over at my laptop, but as non as my eyes touched her screen, it was suddenly an invasion of privacy? Hypocrisy was something I hated with a passion, and here she was, displaying it with a proud little smirk. “Whatever,” I muttered to myself, as I turn my head back to my work, forcing myself to look for the answer. A few minutes pass before I find the answer, Jotting it down messily. Screw Jessica and her selfish little actions, I was perfectly fine by myself.