In Parson’s Journey the children are the only hope for Afghanistan s future. Do you agree? Children are the only hope for the future of Afghanistan because Varian and the others used to live differently than the other people in Afghanistan. One day Varian found a baby inside a bombed house and she took the baby girl along with her so that she doesn’t get bored. Varian found ASPI in a cave who couldn’t walk because he lost his leg in the war, ASPI scared Varian by saying that he Is holding a gun towards her and if she comes any further he will be shooting her.

Still Varian as not angry or was not offended. Later on when they were friends she took care of ASPI she never use to make fun of ASPI as he Is not having a leg. Varian was a kind of girl who use to take care of everybody throughout the Journey through the villages. When Varian was going through villages, one day she saw a baby crying In a house where his mother was lying beside she said the boy “you are Like my brothers height”. This shows that Varian was a caring natured girl even If she Is having to many hurdles in her own life. ASPI was rude……. E used to shout at Varian by saying bring some food” by throwing the pot towards don’t like people throwing things to me… If you want food go get it by yourself”… Varian said… Again he shouted back saying… “L can’t walk can’t you see that? How stupid you are”, even though ASPI was rude she never used to be upset about that and still took him with him as he was all alone. Moreover when use to say her plans to ASPI about how she will be escaping from Afghanistan. He said that he was coming with her, Just to annoy her, but that was not the only reason for coming with her.

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This character shows that she was all et that she will take ASPI and Hosannas along with him to live a better life. Her imagination keeps them going. They found a girl named Leila, she takes them to her house and she also teaches them how to get food from the mines. They decided to stay for a while Varian use to educate ASPI what she knows. When they were out of food and were all hungry she was the one to go to the village and ask for job in change of food. Her dream was to live forever happily in “green valley” where there will be no bombs or no mine and they will live happily ever after.