My Trip to San Antonio “San Antonio sounds great. ” Sarcastically I said. Having the whole week in San Antonio, with a cousin you Just despised. I don’t despise her Just because. I despised her, because she is leaving me, to go to Los Angels. Without even saying a word that’s why I despised her. “l Just know this vacation Is going to be the worst. ” I said We here In San Antonio. As soon as I got there I Ignore her, and didn’t even talk to her threw the whole trip… Not even a single word. When we went to Six Flags… Zero words, when we went to Sea World Nadia, and when we went to the river walk, I Just elk passed her.

When I think about now I was really harsh on her I don’t know why exactly I did that, but I guess my anger took over my emotions. It was even more awkward when we were at the hotel, whenever she said something I really wanted to talk back, but I Just couldn’t at all. The feeling knowing she Is leaving and never coming back hurt me a lot, but she never saw It, because my anger was covering what I really felt Inside. When we got back from San Antonio, all I thought was, “She’s leaving… Forever. ” I wanted to cry, but at the same time I wanted to punch something ally badly.

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I felt as if my emotions are in a war, my head spins in circles. I’m not sure if I’m in reality or in my nightmare that’s clinging on to me tightly, that won’t let me breathe. I’m being choked by my own thoughts. I put myself in depression without even realizing it. I guess moral of this story is to never ignore somebody that you truly care, because it can all be gone in Just one second. Without you even realizing it. At the time you might hate that person, but when time passes by, so will that person. And you will regret every moment you did.