Stella tries to explain to Balance her relationship with Stanley at the beginning of scene 4 and mentions that she was Colors of thrilled’ by his violence. I think by this she means that she is quite taken in by Stanley display of annalistic behavior because it is so different from the type of environment in which she was brought up in. I believe that she tolerates all of Stanley behavior because for her it seems unique as she would never have been permitted to behave in the way that Stanley does when she was a child.

In this situation, opposites really do seem to attract one another which is precisely why Stella is attracted to Stanley. 2) The scene directions at the beginning of scene 4 clearly show the basis for Stella and Stanley relationship: SEX. Sex with Stanley has an almost mystical effect on Stella. It seems that Stella Is quite happy In her own reality once satisfying her desire. Her face Is described as “serene,” and “her eyes and lips have that almost anarchized tranquility that Is In the faces of Eastern Idols. Stall’s comment that “there are things that happen between a man and a woman in the darkest sort of make everything else seem;unimportant,” also emphasizes her purely physical relationship with Stanley. 3) Balance mentions her and Stall’s life in Belle Revere and tells Stella that she “can’t have forgotten that much of our bringing up”. Obviously Balance believes that Stanley and Stall’s current life is quite a contrast to what she and Stella should be used to.

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She contrasts Stanley with the refined men whom they both used to date and asks Stella rhetorically If she thinks there Is any “part of a gentleman In his nature”. Obviously Stella can’t reply In the positive because of Stanley recent show f annalistic behavior. Balance also mentions the place In where Stella lives; she calls the street car that brought her there a “rattle-trap street car that bangs through the Quarter, up one old narrow street”.

It is very apparent that the world of Belle Revere and the world in which Stella lives now is extremely different because of the difference in men, their behavior and even the place which seems very inferior when compared with Belle Revere. 4) I think the sound of the locomotive is there when he enters because it prevents the women from hearing that Stanley has entered. Balance is unlikely to have spoken so plainly about Stanley to Stella if she had known he was there.

The stage directions even reinforce this; they state that Stanley enters “under cover of the trains noise. ” Stanley doesn’t go Into the room immediately because If he did then Stella and Balance would know that he was there and Stanley Is probably Interested In Blanches view of him and wants to listen. And when he “grins through the curtains at Balance”, I believe that he is trying to convey (non-verbally) to Balance that he knows that she dislikes him and that he replicates her feelings entirely.

Or it could be possible that he knows things about Balance and is waiting for the opportune moment to reveal them to Stella. 6) I think that the music of the “blue piano expresses the spirit of life in the city. It seems to represent the moods in the play. The music is first heard in scene 1, and is repeated whenever Balance remembers her dead husband or whenever there is a significant point in a scene. I think it is significant in scene 4 because Stanley finds out exactly what Balance thinks of him and he realizes that his feelings of hatred towards her are clearly Justified.