A Review of Linda Pasta’s Poem To a Daughter Leaving Home BY illegally Poetry Assignment 4 Too Daughter Leaving Home Linda Pastas If a less advanced reader, such as a young child, were to read this poem, they would probably assume that the author was simply describing a child learning how to ride a bike. Ho waver, this work goes much deeper than that. Receiving a hint from the title of the poem, one can co me to the conclusion hat the author is not only talking about a little girl physically leaving her house on a bike, but also leaving her home because she has become full grown.

When referring to the word, “home,” o nee Is not only referring to a house, but also a lifestyle. The daughter Is leaving her childhood and I Ovid ones behind. I could most definitely relate this poem too real life experience. Even though I would “play the role” of the daughter riding the bike, I can still find a connection. Living in a single pa .NET household with my mother, she has definitely been there for me more than any other human bee nag on this earth.

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In addition, this shall be the last year I shall live at home with her, so we will soon be SE parted Like the daughter and mother In the poem. Even though a somber event Is being represents d In the poem, the author soul has a speaking tone of content throughout the work. This Is because Like my mother in real life, this mother knows that her daughter would have to eventually leave her, but at t e same time, she is happy that her daughter has finally grown into a full grown woman.

There is also a use a symbolism in this poem. The author tells of how she holds her mouth open, “in surprise when you (the daughter) pulled ahead down the park… ” She is not only surprised that the child Is rolling a bike with such ease, but also that she has grown up so quickly y.