“Most of the Important things In the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all “( Dale Carnegie). There have been many people who have accomplished things in their life when there seemed to be no hope. In We Beat the Street, Dry. Davis, Hunt and Jenkins did everything they could to stay out of trouble, and stay in school. The three young boys wanted to make something of them-selves. They had made a pact to make it out of the hood, and go to college to become doctors.

Although, some may argue otherwise, n Individuals community, whether it be their friends or family, can make a huge impact on the success one might have. These three young men had to overcome many challenges to become doctors. Sampson Davis had to overcome many challenges growing up. He had to learn to act tough in his neighborhood due to all the drug dealers and the violence that went on. As part of a defense mechanism and survival he had to learn such things. He learned them at a young age, but learning these things still made It hard to tell his friends that he didn’t want anything to do with drugs.

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For example, on one of his birthdays, his friends thought It would be a good idea to get drunk and smoke cocaine. However, Sampson told his friends that he wasn’t into doing that stuff and only a few minutes later his friends were high enough to where they didn’t even realize that Sampson had left. Sampson had to learn to tell his friends no, but also at the same time try to fit in. He liked to play sports and he would hang out with his friends but wouldn’t touch the drugs unlike his friends. Most of the kids he went to school with thought getting good grades In school Isn’t a cool thing to do.

Sampson would get Ass and Bi’s and If by chance a friend seen an A on one of his paper he would tell them he cheated so he wouldn’t get teased. However, Sampson liked getting good grades and he enjoyed school. He always made honor roll and with such good grades his mother had him put in a better school. “Her inspiration helped me to stay focused on accomplishing my goals” (27). If It wasn’t for some of the teachers and particular friends whom helped Sampson stay focused In school, he probably wouldn’t have done as well as he had. Once In college Carla made sure Sampson he did his best and was Like mother usuries to him whenever he needed to be told straiten his act up. Furthermore, he probably wouldn’t have been so driven to overcome all the challenges that were thrown at him while he was growing up. George Jenkins liked school from a young age, even though many of his friends didn’t like school. “Deep inside, I knew I could accomplish anything If given the chance “(77). He went to a school that was known as a newer Inner-city school. He had teachers who gave him hope and told him anything is possible.

Growing up in Newark wasn’t easy for him, since his brother and all of his rinds were into drugs and trouble. His community, such as his brother and friends thought that school was for losers as he grew up. When George had to get braces, he became inspired to be a dentist. He was especially intrigued by all the instruments in the dental office, thus feeding his inspiration. From this inspiration, he knew that his was to work In a dentist’s office. He worked hard to accomplish his goals and dreams, of his friends did try to become a rapper but due the diversity in the community he gave it up.

In accomplishing his goals and conquering his dreams he was able to overcome the challenges that were thrown at him in his adolescent years up. Rammer Hunt was always finding himself in trouble from the time he was little all the way up until he was in medical school. Rammer was almost kicked out of college because he hurt another student while he had his family visiting. It made him realize that fighting with his fist wasn’t worth it anymore. It may not be the actions one person actually does, but rather at times it is simply the company in which he keeps.

Unfortunately, Rammer didn’t have a whole lot of options when it came to picking his many or community. “People often say you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family “(57). Through this community in which he had, trouble kept finding him, even if he was attempting to stay away from it. Rammer was an active kid growing up, and he learned that solving problems with his fist was the way things were done on the streets. However, as he grew older and wiser he learned that his way is not how the rest of society reacted. Thus, he had to teach himself that fighting isn’t the way to go.

Still finding himself in trouble, he had to find his own ways out. With the help of his friends and family, he was able to learn some of the ways in which he could do this. Once he was able to hinder trouble from discovering him, he was able to become successful and overcome all of his challenges that had been put in his way as he grew up. Unlike the three doctors, I didn’t have to overcome as many challenges as they did. I grew up with family and a lot of friends by my side, whom wanted to see me become successful in life. I had many teachers who inspired and taught me I could be anything I set my mind to.

My parents were also there to instill in me to never give up on school. No matter what, their persistence always pushed me when I felt like giving up, or when I felt that I couldn’t do school anymore. She inspired me, encouraged me, and motivated me. I was taught by my parents and a wonderful teacher to “Don’t be afraid to dream big. Dream yourself successful. No one aims to become a failure” (133). Unfortunately, not everyone in this world has someone in their lives, which are persistent enough, to encourage individuals to pursue their dreams regardless of the hardships. I am lucky enough to have several pursuers in my life.