A moment in my life where I was proud of myself happened around the summer I graduated from high school in 2007. When I had finally graduated I could finally take a break from school, go out of town for a few weeks, and get to kick back Like I wanted to. AAAS enjoying my summer like any other teen, and Just like another teen I realized It’s now time for me to get a Job especially since I wasn’t In any rush to go to college. Not to mention that I was the youngest out of three and the only boy so yes I was kind of spoiled. But that all had to stop now that I was out of high school as such as I hated to admit It.

So I began to go Job hunting and one thing I always known about when it comes to finding a Job that It Is not easy. There would be times were I would go on the Internet and fill out some applications, and then there was other times were my step dad would take me. I would at least try to have him take me from place to place at least too to their times every two weeks. One of the places we tried was my sister worked at and it was fast food restaurant. When the time came for me to fill out the application you would think since my sister of all people work here that the job was in the bag.

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But boy was I wrong about that 2 weeks pass and I never hear from him. But that didn’t stop me I was determined to get a job because like every other teen in the summer if I was going to do anything I would need some money in my pockets. So one week me and my step dad are driving still looking, and he remembers out of no were someone else who he knows in fast food. So I end up landing a job at a fast food restaurant called National Coney Island. And end the end Vive learned it’s really true when they say sometimes it’s not what you no it’s who you no.