Experiences that Changed my Life None of my problems are deferent from other people’s problems. However, what I believe Is that some of them should not come too fast In anybody life; they can change lives completely for good or for bad. Furthermore, there are two things I consider that they came too fast in my life, but also there is one that came in the right moment. I am learning how to deal, live, and learn from them. In addition, I know each of them have a reason for why they happened. Also, those things have oaken me in the place I am right now.

And, although two of them are tough hits In my life, I am glad they happened, because they made me see life differently now. In addition, those things are the ones that make me stronger each day. First it all, one of the tough hits happened to me at the age of 12 years old. This was the divorce of my mother and my father. To be honest, I was happy that they were separating from each other. I didn’t want to see my father put a hand on my mother again. Furthermore, due to my father abuse against my mother, she wanted to commit suicide.

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She used to tell me that she would be happy if she was dead. Wish I never have heard those words because they hurt a lot when I remember them. In Dalton, I believe those words hit me harder than the scene of seeing my father hitting my mother. However, that divorce changed my life for better. It made me grow fast as a person, and it made me more mature. The second tough hit that came to my life fast was the death of my sister. As a result of her death, I fell in a big deep depression. I didn’t want to eat or hang out with my friends. Furthermore, I was Just thinking in ending my life.

And despite that death brought me sadness; It also brought me my mother. I say this because when my mother and my father got divorce. So my mother decided to came to united States. She wanted a better life for my siblings and l. Furthermore, she did what she promised, but she forgot something more important that money, which was her accompany and her love. In addition, I believe those things made my sister take her life easier. But this doesn’t mean I am blaming my mother for my sisters death, this just mean that I wish thing would have been efferent.

However, what I learned from this was to appreciate my life. It also taught me a really good value, which Is “everything has a solution, except the death. ” Finally, despite I had those two bad experiences in my life, it came one that made me believe in second chances and second opportunities. That was when I met the love of my life. And to be honest, it was really hard for me to believe in men after what I experienced with my father. I didn’t even believe in marriage. However, that great man made me believe In love again.

I told him almost all my story, and he listened to me patiently. In Dalton, he supported me so much that I see life differently now. Also, I gave credit to my mother for always believe in me. Thank to them I have learned to take every problem as a challenge. A challenge a must overcome. Well, as you can see, there were tough things that came really fast in my life. However, I am thankful because I learned good things from them. Furthermore, people should remember that everybody has problems. But, you must take them as a challenge. For some of every single day.