Something so tragic couldn’t have happened on the best day of my life, “My Graduation Day. ” The day Itself had actually been going very well indeed, and a seemingly endless surge of excitement had me going crazy! Things were going perfectly how I Imagined It, I have been waltzing for this day for 12 long years and Just knowing the fact that It was here Just drove me Insane. The morning started out when I woke up and had a wonderful breakfast waiting for me out on the table with my close family there. All sitting around the table talking about my graduation that as to be held later on that evening, everyone was really excited.

Then all of a sudden the clouds turned grey and the rain started pouring down. The alert for a thunder storm was called out for my city. Just looking outside made the excitement vibe go away, not that it was going to affect the Graduation but somehow the weather bought all the positive energy down really quick. That was not to last too long, 2 hours later the day had became dawned crisp and clear, the grounds covered with beautiful green grass. Finally now that the rain had stopped there was nothing hat could hold me back from all that excitement that was coming my way.

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Just the thought of walking down the aisle and going up to get my diploma was the greatest feeling In the world. Now that it’s a good day out, It’s time for me to go to the Graduation rehearsal. The more I thought about the graduation rehearsal the better I felt. As I got put on my cap and gown I felt the excitement of graduating. My friends were calling me to ride with them but as excited I was I didn’t want to take a chance and miss out. As I was driving to the rehearsal arena I saw many of my class mates riving next to me. All with the Joy of getting the diploma in about a couple more hours or so.

It seed like nothing was going to go wrong at this point in my day so far. Just when I thought my day was going perfect my car broke down. Couldn’t really rely on one of my friends to come pick me up because they were all at the graduation rehearsal by now, I had no choice but to call my dad to pick me up and drop me at the rehearsal. Waltzing for quite a long time my dad finally decides to get there and drives me up to the destination that I was suppose to be around a hour ago. Only If he day couldn’t get worse, I get there 55 minutes late and I see everyone walking out the arena.

After seeing that I knew for a fact that the rehearsal was over and I missed it. The smile I had worn all day was starting to fade away, and this day was becoming the best to the worst day ever. Nothing at this point could have gotten any worse. I met up with a couple of people and they showed me what I had to do to walk the stage. I only had a couple of minutes to get ready and hop into my cap and gown, because everybody was just getting ready to walk out to the arena and Just wait for that exciting once in a lifetime moment.

I rush and barely made it to my spot, Just In time to look good for the people to look at me walking out all fine and normal. We all had a seat, all the parents looking at us with Joy and some parents with tears running out of their eyes. Now they were ready to call everybody name to walk the stage. “Muhammad All” they called I walked the stage with pride and had the best feeling every. My family and friends was screaming and was so happy for me. I bad part of the day came again as soon as I threw my cap in the air, because they held onto my diploma and said they would mail it to me later on in the summer.

I was so shocked and didn’t know what to do because I didn’t expect it. I was so exhausted by the end of the day and Just felt like lying down and watching a movie or something. I never thought something like this would happen in my life. Instead of lying down I went out with my girlfriend to go watch a movie and another dinner after all that I had to eat throughout the whole day. So we went out and had a little bit of more fun and had a few other couples that went out with us. This is one of the incidents that I cannot forget in my life.