The day we met was way back in time, And our friendship has lasted from that day on. A friendship like ours is hard to find, And sometimes it could take a lifetime to find that one true friend Who would be by your side when times get too hard to face all alone. I never would have known we could grow together so close. Most friendships can end in a turn of a knob or a tick of a clock, But ours has lasted throughout the hard times we have had. We fought about things that could have Just passed by, But after the hard time we always ended up on each other’s side.

Our friendship has lasted through thick and thin. The last time we said good-bye I thought It was the end, But God keeps bringing us back together because he knows That our friendship is too strong to let us move on. He knows no one deserves to be alone. That’s why we have each other, to help us through these lonely times. I was lost all those times we were split apart By things that shouldn’t have been, I am so lucky to have you, because I love you And you’re my best friend until the end, And you can always count on me because I’ll be here for you When all the good doors begin to close, Because that’s what a best friend is for!

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