For your points of comparison, think of the themes, the subject matter, the compositional structure, historical significance (do your selections reflect their times or are they revolutionary or avian-guard? ) First posting – 6. 1 a Baroque. Relate any work of art from the Baroque period found In the Settling text to any piece of music from this same time period. Here is a link to the TOP 10 Baroque composers:http://classicism’s. About. Com/do/appropriated/tap/ preprocessors. HTML You do not need to select from this list; as long as your casual selection Is from the Baroque period, you are all set.

Remember that you are to compare a BAROQUE work of art too BAROQUE piece of music. – I chose the work of art of Elisabeth Veggie-Lubber. The artwork was called Marie-Antoinette and Her Children, which was painted in the year of 1787 with the medium of oil on canvas. This painting took place In Palace of Versailles In the country France. In comparison, I chose the composer Jean-Philippe Rammer and his selected work called Trait. This era had a main focus on Queens and Kings and it is known to be “The Age of Kings” (pig. 88).

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This also had significance with the settlement of three important countries and they were Dutch, the English, and the French. In both picture and music I can tell that there is a salutary because they share the same nationalities and it is brought out through painting and music. In the painting it has a focal point on the Queen and her children. She is dressed in beautiful bold red colors and so is her eldest daughter. Her feet are gently placed on a pillow because she Is a family member of dynasty. In the music that I have researched there are bold melodic lines ND harmonies that are pieced together.

In Trait, he uses a wide selection of moods and distinct red colors in order to serve a purpose whether it is through music or a painting. Jean-Philippe was considered to be the leading French composer of his time. Second posting – 6. 1 b Any time period and any culture. Relate any work of art from the Settling text to any piece of music from the same time period in which the work of art was created. For this posting you are to chose a work or art and a piece of music that is NOT from the Baroque. Chose ANY time period, any culture, and ampere a work of art and a piece of music from that time period.