Low Countries of Flanders and Holland. Specifically characterized by the Ir copious portrait paintings, the both of them had achieved mastery over their artistic talent. R been and Rembrandt are prime examples of Baroque art, easily exemplified by the heavy darks and lights they both Incorporate Into their works. Despite all these similarities, to many, Remember net can be surely considered as one of the greatest artist of the Baroque periods.

In Rueben’ The Lion Hunt, there are strengths and weaknesses. Rueben’ paint is an exceptional example of art during the Baroque period. This piece shows a high contrast between lights and darks, as well as movement and strong action. However, this piece lacks balance and it feels as If the entire scene takes place In only the upper right hand of the painting. As well, the color palette of the piece has an absence in harmony. The unbalanced com poser of the painting creates a muddled image where the viewer cannot entirely decipher what ex city is happening.

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In Rembrandt The Blinding of Samson, there are a great number of strengths. In this piece, all of the figures are evenly balanced with emphasis on the mall point of action. The color palette does not distract from the painting because of the neutral tones used. The detail incorporated into painting is impeccable, from the folds in clothing to wrinkling of skin, every Important detail Is there. While Samson may be the mall focal I point, every figure can be acknowledge because of the expert balance that Rembrandt port says.

Some will say that Rueben is the greater artist because of bright colors and ability to create multiple focal points. However, the multiple focal point that Rueben uses in The e Lion Hunt makes the painting hard to observe the Immense detail put Into It. The bright c lour used only add to the disorderliness that is The Lion Hunt. In conclusion.