Madrigal proper, it used a bit of word painting which is the matching of music to the words in the text. The Ballet, which is where dancers tell a story through movements and music. And the Are, It is performed in several of ways including math or without accompaniment. 2. Chorales are easy to sing melodies which are usually based on traditional folk songs. Since the printing press allowed for the publishing of hymnbooks they were popular. 3.

A consort is an instrumental ensemble consisting of six instrument which are: Flute or recorder, lute, cistern, violin r treble viola De gamma, bandore and the bass viola De gamma. 4. Gallinule Duffy “as a Franco Flemish composer who was born In Brussels, he was a prolific composer and was very influential in the fifteen century. Gallinule wrote music In many different musical form available, Including chants, motets, chorales, and masses. 5. Consort music. Sometimes he can be considered one of the first “geniuses” of the keyboard and some of his compositions were published In My Ladle Unveils Book and Parenting. . Renaissance music differ from medieval music due to that medieval music refers to music written in the Middle Ages, around 500 AD-1400. Most of the music was monotonic or homoerotic plainchant. Renaissance music refers to the period from around 1400-1600. And in this time period the music became different compared to the medieval music. 2. The effects of the printing press were that It made music available for a lot of people throughout Europe. It allowed for music to be written down and kept for ages and generations. 3.

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During the Renaissance USIA had the opportunity to flourish and continue to develop. Therefore, it can be seen as the birth of modern music. 4. In the Renaissance music was for entertainment to all people used in plays, receptions and concerts. It was an important thing in people’s lives. 5. The advantage of using a melody that was already created is that the composers have a base where they can begin at from the start and develop the music from there on. It would be better to think of new melodies but it easier to take on that has been already created.