Since It was so hard to choose, Madonna and Child tit Saints Mark and Peter was a painting I really enjoyed every detail of and I explored every aspect of the piece. Madonna and Child with Saints Mark and Peter, was painted with oil on canvas during the Baroque period between 1535-1540. Polaroid dad Lancing painted this piece in Venice, Italy. This piece stood out to me as Baroque art because of many characteristics of the work. The movement of Mary and the Saints with their twisting bodies, the sharp contrast In colors, drapery In the clothing, and the emotion portrayed are just some characteristics of Baroque art.

The interaction between the holy figures also represents liveliness. During the Italian Renaissance and Baroque time period, Madonna and Child artworks were extremely popular to paint. Madonna and Child is a very common religious theme among artists. The Image of Mary feels personal and acts as someone who Is relatable to the viewer. It shows a common relationship between mother and son. Madonna and Child Is an Icon for people to pray to due to the maternal figure and Christ. Madonna and Child artworks also evoke different emotions and connections.

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The first aspect of he painting, Madonna and Child with Saints Mark and Peter that attracted me was the bright colors and painting of fabric. Another part of the work that stood out to me was the realism in the people and their faces and poses. The piece shows expensive clothes and a scenic background. Painting of fabric always impresses me. It is so difficult to make fabric look realistic especially when It is clothes on a person’s body. The use of shading and color makes it easy to tell where the legs and arms are. I also enjoyed Madonna and Child with Saints Mark and Peter because of the infant.

Many Madonna and Child made the infant distorted and it usually did not resemble a baby, but a man on a child’s body instead. In this piece I believe Polaroid dad Lancing did a better job painting the child. It makes the piece more relatable. The overlapping of all the people shows depth and the feeling of space within the scene. The small details In each persons skin also contribute to the realism of the painting. For example, the dimples, lines, indents, and twists of the skin make the people look real as well as the use of color in the different skin tones.

The artist also still trudged with aspects of the painting. Madonna is the largest and in the middle, which tells the audience who and what is most important. It also feels like the people were Just placed in front of a landscape Instead of actually being there. The scene Is also very basic and looks Like It was painted after In order to have a background. I of what it is about. I found it interesting that Evangelist Mark is sitting on a lion because that is his symbol and SST. Peter is recognized by the keys in his hand. Polaroid dad Lancing used these small details to create a story for the viewer.

Visiting the museum was very beneficial because seeing the pieces I have learned about in person is very different and interesting. You realize how amazing the large-scale pieces are and how difficult they are to make. You also appreciate every little brush stroke when you can see it up close. Seeing the pieces framed also gives it a more finished feel. Some frames are so amazing that it gave the pieces a whole new life. “hen viewing, Madonna and Child with Saints Mark and Peter I was captivated by the realism and interaction within the piece.