Why is it somewhat surprising that they were accomplished musicians? Poor Glares were nuns from a catholic church. It Is surprising that they were skillful musicians because they secluded themselves In the church. So people didn’t know what they were doing. When they did come out It shocked everyone. 2. What is a chanson? A chanson is a French song. 3. What is the song “Five Knacks for Ladles” about? What type of song Is It? The song Is saying that no matter how valuable your assets are they are useless when It comes o honesty.

This song Is a poetic song It gives you a deep message through the piece. 4. Which of the songs was composed by Franciscan Obsoleteness, or Francis of Bosnia? Rhea song that was created by him was Se Mel Per Marginally 5. What Is a lute? What Is the history of the lute? When was the lute used? A Lute Is a stringed Instrument it was used from the Medieval to the Baroque eras. It was the most important instrument during the renaissance. 6. What is a harpsichord? Where nerve these instruments often found? A harpsichord was a keyboard instrument with tiring running horizontally.

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It is often found in a religious setting of an opera or solo performance. 7. What is a notation knife? A notation knife is a knife with musical notes written on it whether on the handle as Nell as the blade. 8. Many of the articles on the include a piece of artwork from the Renaissance period. How are music and art related? Do you think that the music of the period is reflected in the art of the period? Why or why not? Music is a form of art. Music and art are both used to express ones feelings and mood.

Yes I do think that music reflected the art. The music could have been used to bring out what the composer or singer was feeling at the time. When writing or making music it can’t be rushed you have to give it time. 9. Of the different music files that you’ve heard from the Renaissance period, which one do you like the best? Why? Toronto did Cacao is one that I liked the best because it is meant for a festival. Festival are so cool and interesting. I haven’t been to one that was based on The Renaissance but I have been o like fall festivals.

People are so free when they bring forth their music to present. I Would go to everyone if I could. 10. How does the music of the Renaissance defer from music today? (Think about the elements of music like tone color, rhythm, melody and so on). The Renaissance music Is more relaxing and peaceful. The music that I listen to today is for partying or dancing. Also back then music was one there weren’t that many different styles out. Now there Is many to listen to also there are some that aren’t even In a genre.