Coming In at number one Is Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach was a genius keyboardist (mastering the organ and harpsichord) and brilliant composer. Bach brought baroque music to its culmination, writing music for nearly every type of musical form. Popular Works: Air on a G String, Double Violin Concerto, Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, B Minor Mass, and The unaccompanied Cello Suites Ads Beethoven Obstreperousness’s. Commerce variety of composer busts. Great selections and quality. Find A Foreign Husbandman,’. lnternatlonalcupld. Commodious Men Seek Filipino Ladles For Dating & Marriage.

Join Free. Listen to Free Musicals. Jingo. CompuServe the Songs You Love. Create Your Personalized Station! 2. George Frederic Handel Born in the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach in a town fifty miles away, George Frederic Handel, who later became a British citizen, lead a much different life than Bach. Handel, too, composed for every musical genre of his time, even creating the English oratorio. Popular Works: The Messiah, Music for the Royal Fireworks, and Water Music 3. Antonio Valid Vivaldi wrote over 500 concertos and is believed to have invented reiteration form (a theme returning throughout the piece).

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However, much of Vivaldi music lay “undiscovered” until the early sass’s; this newly discovered music earned Vivaldi the title “The Viennese Counterpart to Bach and Handel. ” Popular Works: The Four Seasons, Gloria, and Con All Rustics in G 4. George Philipp Telegram A good friend of both Bach and Handel, George Phillip Telegram was also a distinguished musician and composer of his time. Telltale’s Incorporation of unusual Instrumentation In his concertos Is one of the things that that made him unique. Popular Works: Viola Concerto in G, Trio Sonata in C minor, and the Paris Quartets 5.

Archangel Cornell Archangel Cornell was an Italian teacher, violinist, and composer. Coracle’s mastery of the tone of the newly invented violin earned him great reviews throughout Europe. He Is coined to have been the first person to create basic violin technique. Popular Works: Concerto Grossly, Christmas Concerto, and Sonata De camera In D minor 6. Henry Purcell Within a lifetime of only thirty-five years, Purcell achieved musical greatness by being considered one of England’s greatest composers and the most original composer of his time. Purcell was extremely talented in word-setting and composed very successful works for stage.

Popular Works: Dido & Names, The Fairy Queen, and Sound the Trumpet 7. Domenici Scarlatti Domenici Scarlatti, son of Alexandra Scarlatti (another well-known baroque composer), wrote 555 known harpsichord sonatas, of which, over half was written in the last six years of his life. Scarlatti made use of Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish dance rhythms throughout many of his works. Popular Works: Criticizes per Agrochemical (sonatas for harpsichord) A French composer, Jean-Philippe Ramee’s music was known for its bold melodic lines and harmonies.

Aside from harpsichord, Ramee’s greatest contribution to music was in Taradie lyrical opera. His wide use of moods and musical colors were beyond those of his counterparts. Popular Works: Hippest et Archie and Castor et Pollex, Trait, and Less Indies gallants Ads Hit Pop Songs & Misidentification. Com/lamentations Indigos imp Songs & Music Live Online For Free. Play now! Golf Swing Tips? Quarrelsomeness’s. Commit Golf Ball Straight Every Time. Free Golf Swing Video Lessons Here! 9. Johann Poachable Ionian Poachable taught Johann Christopher Bach O.

S. Bach’s older brother) music. J. C. Bach said that J. S. Bach greatly admired Bachelor’s music. Bachelor’s music is considered by many to be stylistically related to J. S. Bach’s. Popular Works: Poachable Canon, Channel in F minor, and Toccata in C minor for organ 10. Giovanni Battista Samaritan Giovanni Battista Samaritan is one of the earliest composers of the symphony (sixty- eight of them have survived). Many believe his symphonic works and thematic development are the precursors to Haydn and Mozart. Popular Works: Sonata No. 3, Recorder Sonata in A minor