I enjoyed the play because the story and music is very interesting, unique and entertaining. I have seen the play before in Alas Vegas and I must say that the cast in Alas Vegas was much better than the one I saw on Thursday night. The reason is because it went more In-depth with the story and also played every single hit that the band had made. Also, the singers in Alas Vegas were much more professional and sounded better because the actor portraying Frankie Avail did not have such a high itched voice as the one In Curran Theatre.

My favorite composition from the band was Begging because the tempo and beat was so fast-paced and It was Impressive how the band had bright stage lights and fascinating dance moves. The music contained catchy rhythms and beats. Some notes would stretch out to make a nice vocal sound and some were just quick beats from the drums. The staging was very flashy because they had different stage lights with different colors for each part of the story. The costumes were very well suited. They actors wore fancy suits and some had a fancy top hot to match their costume.

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I thought the the whole play went fairly well and the audience seemed to really enjoy it. The music was pleasant and relaxing, the actors were spot on with no mistakes during the show and the crowd was very enthusiastic. The only part I had a slight problem about was the singer. HIS voice was way too high pitched and It didn’t go well as a cover for the original compositions. My overall opinion would be a 4 out of 5 (4/5) because some of the impositions were not performed well and the music wasn’t as smooth as the original compositions.

The melody was virtuous which made the texture just as good. The rhythm was excellent along with the harmony but there were a few not so good structure of the music so to speak. Overall I enjoyed the music and performance. The great things about the music were stated in the paragraph above but there are a few negatives to the cast’s performance. Although they used the same ternary and binary forms for the pieces, meeting about the way they did it Just didn’t go smoothly.

I believe it was because of the tempo of the song. The tempo was slowed down a bit during some of the compositions. However I really enjoyed my time at the musical with my mom. She seemed to really enjoy It as well. She had the same Insights as I did about the musical. Jersey Boys Musical Review ay sharkskin lyres Boys watched this play on Thursday, April 18th at 8:00 PM at SHUN Curran Theatre in San Jersey Boys is about the story of Frankie Vail and the Four Seasons. Frankie Vail rock and pop.