Music is the heart of culture and has affected people in more ways than the average person can have on someone. It can take you on a Journey or help bring closure to a(n) ending journey. Music has always done this through the changes in time and the persona behind the music. Music will always grasp the changing culture’s heart based on the time period. Baroque music is deferent from what today’s culture would call popular music. The role of music concerts Is also something to be studied further In the paper as well.

People who attended Baroque concerts may very well differ from the people who attend today’s rock concerts. Then we cannot forget the impact that technology has had on music of the past and the present. Baroque music can be classified as a dramatic style of music per Webster Dictionary. The concert I chose to listen to was Monteverdi Amour Sacra, Amour Profane. This piece was very beautiful and touching. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would have considering I’ve never really listened to his music, though I have listened to various other classical composers of the Baroque period.

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The reason that enjoyed this concert was because of the ensemble for one. The vocals were very beautiful and relaxing and made me feel at peace with the world around me. Parts of the music made me want to dance in a ballroom wearing a big fancy gown. Other parts of the concert made me think of life as It were back then and wonder what It would’ve been like to be there In person and watch the actual performance. On another note popular music deals with music that is popular to today’s society. For this concert, I chose a concert performed by Evanescence which was posted on Youth.

This concert was definitely not a favorite. Though I am familiar with some of their earlier works, this concert was not exactly something to put the mind at ease, It was more of pumping up the crowd and a little dark. The vocals could not be heard as clearly as the previous concert and the tone was definitely a bit darker. So overall did not enjoy this concert as much as I did the performers of the Baroque music. There are various accelerates and differences amongst the two genres of music. The role of concerts from both the Baroque period and now are similar in that they re for entertainment.

Back in the Baroque time period music was performed at churches or for the King and Queens or for anyone who could afford such an event. Almost Like concerts today that are held for anyone that will be willing to pay versus just the rich and noble. The people that attend today’s rock concerts however are generally classified as memo, Goth, skaters, snowboarders, rock and roll fans and the list could go on. If we look at popular music as a whole however, everyone who is anyone will attend a concert. The basis for this Is that It depends on what type of USIA a person likes.

Someone who attends a rock concert might not attend a Jazz concert, it all just depends whereas in the Baroque period concerts were held to a 1 OFF The instruments from both of these concerts were complete opposite of each other much like the difference between Baroque music and popular music. Though they have many parts that are necessary to the sound of the music, they are very different in the instruments selected. In the Baroque period instruments such as the cello, harpsichord, violin and many others were a major part of the ensemble.

In today’s music instruments can vary from one essential piece such as the keyboard to whole band such as in the Baroque period. It very well depends on the style but in the essence of rock music there are only four major players needed such as the bass guitar, electric guitar, the drums and a vocalist. The people that attend these concerts also create a different setting and mood in itself. Other differences include the sound of the music. Baroque music overall offers a sense of peace or excitement. In some cases it makes one want to dance with a partner in a ballroom setting.

Popular music on the other hand can make one want to dance alone or with someone. It can be at home or at a club. The feelings created can range from anger to peacefulness. It cannot be categorized into one overall concept or idea. In general both Baroque and popular music speak to the crowd attending the concert. They can both draw in a crowd and be performed on stage. The locations however may vary. One may be performed in a church setting where another will be performed live at a theater or other venue. Overall one could say that people attend concerts to feel good, to see their favorite artist or to Just go with the in crowd.

People attend concerts for many different reasons and each person has a personal reason for attending a concert. With the advance in technology music will always be constantly changing. People today can make music from their homes on their computers and then post it to the Nub and become an instant hit or a slow moving one. The change in technology has allowed us as a society to count the next big artist from home, to create new sounds Ninth the touch of a button. It has created the ability to download software and share USIA with our friends and family.

Technology allows us to be at concerts and share ‘ideas of the concerts with anyone we know. Technology will continually have an impact on music because more people are tuning in. More people want music on demand and at the touch of a few buttons can watch concerts live from the consorts of their home. Technology is changing everything and everyone is trying to keep up as music making applications are brought to our mobile phones. Technology has made it possible for music to be everywhere at one time with each person enjoying