Introductory Concepts ay improperly Introductory Concepts Composed by Antonio Vivaldi,” Loonier” (Winter) is the fourth concerto of a set of ‘Olin concertos named “Lee Equator Stagnation” (The four seasons) that belong to a more complex work titled “II comment delegation e delineation’s” (The Contest of Harmony and Invention) (Grassier) . The structure of this piece is in ternary form. Ere piece begins with a fast tempo and then slows down to finish fast and loud again. Vivaldi makes use of variety in this “Winter” composition through dynamic hen the music suddenly changes its volume and also through changes in pace.

Although this concert is performed only by string instruments (mainly violins) he also achieves variety by using different techniques among the instruments (like pizzicato). Vivaldi “Winter” is considered a program music which means it must tell a story. I believe he is able to evoke cold, ice, chattering teeth, shivering bodies, and wind. Beginning with a fast pace seems like a big storm is about to come, when the violins go in crescendo it feels almost like some people are running to get shelter, and the staccatos reminded me of shivering.

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I also believe that the high pitch of the violins helps to give the image of coldness. This masterpiece is played by an instrumental ensemble, more specifically, an orchestra and has a violin solo. The instruments involved are string instruments (violin being the predominant). The main melody or Idea A is played very loud and the violin solo Is executed with bravura which gives more heart to the music. In all, I believe that this composition serves Its purpose of :reading mood and Is also very delightful to listen to.