It was during this time that many well known composers developed some of the most famous masterpieces in the musical world. Composer Johann Sebastian Bach wrote Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, George Frederic Handel composed The Messiah, and Johann Poachable created Poachable Canon. What all of these composers have In common Is that all of their music contains a salary sound. Baroque music tends to have one melody with harmonic support from a keyboard player.

Instruments that are used with in baroque music are violins, cellos, brass, and organs. Antonio Vivaldi is another famous Baroque composer. He was born March 4, 1678 in Venice, Italy and was the oldest of nine children. Vivaldi was taught how to play the violin by his father at a young age. In 1693, Joined priesthood, but in 1706, he got out saying it was because of his asthma. It is said that although he claims it was asthma, Vivaldi quit because he had musical goals he wanted to achieve.

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In 1703, Antonio Vivaldi became a violin teacher at Plop Spelled Della Pieta, a school for orphaned and Indigent children. Vivaldi was In charge of teaching music and keeping up with the musical Instruments. In 1716, Valued was promoted to concert master. During this time, Vivaldi composed his music. At the school that he taught at, they agreed to pay him for two concertos a month for the orchestra and to rehearse with them four times. It is shown in records that he composed 140 concertos between 1 723 and 1729. Antonio Vivaldi died July 28, 1741 in Vienna.