He would help anyone he saw in need of aid. Vivaldi was known to have even starved himself at times in order to keep those around him healthy. The church, however, saw this as his flaw and, for this reason, dispatched him of his duty to the church. I listened to the winter concerto second movement of Vivaldi Four Seasons. From the very beginning I knew this was a largo, a very slow song. There were no signs of his flamboyant style, which Vivaldi often presents in his music and has accustomed to be known for.

There were no dramatic or unexpected melodies. As a matter of fact, it is very soothing and calm. I believe this is a very unique piece of Vivaldi because of its distinction from his other works. Rather than being something very exciting, Incorporating many different sorts of difficult techniques and skills, he made this one far more pleasing to the ear because of Its simple and peaceful tones that seem, on the surface, not very complicated.

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One might even be fooled to think hat this largo movement is one that can be simply done with out to many lessons or knowledge about the instruments that are needed. However, once you are able to focus your mind on the individual parts that he put together, on is able to fully appreciate Just how much time and effort that he put into his music. This song, which may sound so simple and pure, has a foundation and roots that are far greatly Intertwined and unbelievably hard to pull off. Unlike, his Spring, Summer, and Fall concertos, this one plays a very soothing and relaxing.

He made this song in order to attempt to recreate and mirror the feelings, emotions, and times of the winter season. When I was listening to Vivaldi in this largo winter piece the first thing that comes to mind was snow. I could visualize through his music a typical winter day. Although his allegro movements of the winter concerto were very fast and brought about the Idea of the hectic and chaotic characteristics of the season, the third movement imposingly depicted the calm and warming aspects that the season is so greatly favored for.

The song reminds me of those calm and warm winter days in which one just wants to sleep in because of the weather and conditions outside. I can clearly see me sitting by the window with a big blanket around me watch the snow flakes fall one by one The snow flakes either stick to the window, blocking my view of outside, or the stick to the ground already about two to three feet long. Can Imagine I have some warm hot chocolate with big marshmallows floating on the top stained with the dark color of the chocolate.

This movement brings emphasizes on the lazy says of winter in which all one wants to do is stay home in bed forever afraid to go outside of the extreme cold. The inside brings comfort and safety. It reminds me of the days after Christmas when I am sitting at home with nothing to do because there is no school. Overall, the third movement was my favorite out of Vivaldi four can see myself listening to it while I do my homework or study. After listening to it for about twenty times, I am able to fully appreciate Just how much time, effort, and creativeness it required.