Abstract Yuk Ixia Throughout centuries, the four seasons by Antonio Valid have been very famous and well-known by people who are obsessed with Western art music all over the world. Most people have heard of Antonio Vivaldi music concerto “spring”, but not really familiar with the rest of the three seasons: “summer”, “fall”, “winters. In my knowledge, I think that the winter one is most interesting concerto out of four seasons. The paper compares the “winВ« concerto with the other three season of

Vivaldi music. Who did Vivaldi name it as winter but not spring, summer either fall. His music can magically deliver pictures into one’s mind while listening. In spring allegro, the retooling is very magnificent and graceful which makes me filled with vitality and happiness because of the delightful rhythm throughout the spring movement. Summer concerto kind of makes me feel sleepy and being lazy. Summer allegro non molt sketches a contours of a very hot and lazy summer.

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In the latter Alfa, the rhythm turns to be fast and anxious which hints that a rainstorm Is coming. The fall concerto depicts a rejoice scene. It’s a harvest season, farmers are very happy and busy gathering In the crops. Then the winter Allegro, the rhythm sounds very cold and heavy. I could feel the coldness and biting wind in winter and white snow is lust never going to stop. I can sense all these from Vivaldi winter concerto. This paper is going to explain the detail of the major differences from winter concerto and the other seasons.